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March 9, 2015 2:06 pm

STORMR Strykr Review

“I have been on the search for the perfect winter hunting/ fishing/ fowl weather jacket for over 20 years and have spent way too much money trying to find the holy grail. Most jackets either don’t breath, are too heavy especially when wet or I sweat to death in them. The Stormr Stryker Jacket has been a perfect match for my uses. I bought it for a guided 3 day steely trip down the Deschutes river. We had 60 mph gusts and at least 40 mph sustained winds with rain most of the trip (epic) and I will say had I not had the Stormr Stryker it would have been a miserable trip. Fact is I was very comfortable the entire time. Warm and dry catching fish. Our guide was awesome and he loved the jacket. Wading in any river always adds a bit of stress but knowing I had an extra bit of flotation in the jacket (5 lbs according to website, not a replacement for approved flotation devices) gave me an extra bit of confidence. When I got home my friends were surprised that we even stayed on the river with weather that bad. The next chance I had to wear the jacket was my wife and I’s 4 mile walk one evening. It was 36 degrees, windy with lite rain/sleet. She didn’t want to go but I convinced her (she didn’t know I had a secret weapon against the weather). As we walked she got really cold. I let her wear my Stormr and she instantly fell in love with it. Warm and dry even though we were walking briskly. She did eventually get hot because she had too many layers on underneath. A long sleeve T under the jacket would have been enough while moving. It does not wear heavy and fits true to size. I am 6’3 220lbs and the extra large was perfect. I ordered my wife the Typhoon which will be delivered today! Now I have to figure out what to do with all these other coats.”

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February 10, 2015 9:15 am


Technical apparel meets the demands of the world’s best bass anglers

 STORMR ® brand clothing was an overnight success in the bass world when it showed up on several Bassmaster Classic competitors in 2013 at Oklahoma’s frigid Grand Lake. Now the company is proud to announce the addition of John Crews, Justin Lucas and Carl Jocumsen, three of the sport’s most personable and successful anglers, to a growing and highly accomplished pro staff. Existing staff members on the Bassmaster Elite Series include 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney, 2010 Forrest Wood Cup Champion Kevin Hawk, Federation National Champion Paul Mueller, Scott Ashmore and Joe Sancho.


Two years after the brand’s initial “overnight success,” the popularity of STORMR ® gear has snowballed. At last year’s Classic, more than a dozen competitors sported STORMR® apparel. Since that time, the company’s Fusion Series won the coveted “Best Technical Apparel” award at the ICAST trade show and the brand’s obvious and numerous advantages cannot be ignored.

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Mega Week and ICAST Highlight Mid-July!

July 21, 2014 1:40 pm

If you live above the Mason-Dixon line you’re either enjoying some of the best fishing you’ve seen in years, or you’re missing out on it! The current temperatures and moon phase is producing a feeding frenzy of both Large and Smallmouth bass. Temperatures have been moderate and slightly cooler at night. While the moon phase has fish targeting crawfish and feeding so heavily on them, you can actually see fish regurgitate them when they’re being reeled in or after they’ve been in your livewell. This is a great time to throw tubes, jigs, and soft plastic craws. You should use mixed colors like black and blue or Alabama Craw, to imitate the kind of transition that they’ve been going through since the full moon on the 13th.

Early July 2014 has been a really exciting time because the fish have been feeding very aggressively, making them easier to locate than they normally are, particularly this year with the absence of grass in the lakes that were hit hardest by the coldest winter I can remember. Rocky points, isolated rock piles, bridge pilings, and ledges are all holding big largemouth and smallmouth right now. A seven foot, medium heavy rod with a fast action reel (gear ratio of 7:3:1), 17lb fluorocarbon line, a big hook, half ounce pegged tungsten weight, rig it Texas and you’re good to go! You can fish them a few different ways: drag it, pitch it, or snap it by raising it up and down quickly in a 6-12 motion. Let the fish dictate for you how they want it. If you’re jig fishing, use a 1/2 or 3/4 ounce in either green pumpkin or black and blue.

This is also a great time to improve your ability to fish deep. Start the morning by targeting laydowns or lilypads with frogs, Sammies, or other top water baits. But as the sun comes up, leave the bank for a little bit and force yourself to target the deeper fish now while they’re feeding so well.

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Maximizing Fishing Time

July 7, 2014 9:59 am

Bryan New is one of the newest members of the STORMR team. He’s enjoyed a very successful season on the FLW tour as a co-angler with 3 top ten finishes on tour and 2 in the Rayovac Series as well as qualifying for both the Forrest Wood Cup and the Rayovac Championship.

In this article originally posted at Fishing the Back, Bryan details how he makes the most of his time on the water. While the piece was written with the co-angler in mind, we feel that this information is good whether you are fishing from the front deck or back of the boat.





By: Bryan New

As a co angler, most of the major decisions are out of your control. You have to fish the water the boater wants to fish, you are positioned where the boater positions you, and you have no idea where you will go next. On top of all of this, you are fishing behind some really good fishermen. This is why it is important to fish hard all day. Wasted time is a wasted opportunity. In this article, I will discuss 5 tips for saving time on the water, and how they help me.

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April 24, 2014 10:24 am

When was STORMR Founded?

STORMR was founded in 2011 with the launch of the first Typhoon Jacket. Fall of 2012 marked the launch of a full line of STORMR products geared for the fishing markets. STORMR’s parent company, Henderson Sport Group has been a leader in neoprene and wetsuits manufacturing for the past 45 years.

What makes STORMR different than most foul weather fishing gear?

STORMR® products are an adaptation of the wetsuit for land utilizing Neoprene Core Technologytm. They provide huge thermal benefits in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and waterproof shell. They are made to withstand the harshest of elements while providing comfort and maneuverability.

STORMR products are lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on STORMR Jackets and Bibs are glued, blind-stitched and then coated with a thermally bonded exterior tape making all the seams 100% waterproof, not just rain resistant. This construction, although significantly more complicated than construction techniques employed on common outerwear, ensures that STORMR products remain waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing precipitation. 

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