STORMR Review: Surf Top

October 8, 2015 10:43 am

Source: Tackle & Gear Reviews

These include gloves, a warm hat, waders or hip boots, wading boots for stocking-foot waders, spikes if you fish the rocks and a jacket of some sort. The requirements of a jacket for surfcasting are many, and each individual angler has his or her own set of must-haves that they look for. Some prefer tight gaskets on the cuffs while others are fine with a loose-fitting neoprene cuff. Others look for a large storage pocket while others require a breathable material—the list goes on and on. Like many other surfcasting tools, if you ask ten anglers what they look for in a jacket you are likely to get ten (if not 11) different answers.

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Surf Top Review: The Saltwater Edge

March 9, 2015 2:38 pm

“The Stormr Surf Top stands as further proof of Stormr’s ability to listen to the needs of the user. As with the rest of the Stormr line, material selection and fit are two strengths inherent in the design of this top. Similarly the build quality is excellent as all the seams are glued, blind stitched and thermal taped to keep you dry. Stormr style.”

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