STORMR Review: Surf Top

October 8, 2015 10:43 am

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These include gloves, a warm hat, waders or hip boots, wading boots for stocking-foot waders, spikes if you fish the rocks and a jacket of some sort. The requirements of a jacket for surfcasting are many, and each individual angler has his or her own set of must-haves that they look for. Some prefer tight gaskets on the cuffs while others are fine with a loose-fitting neoprene cuff. Others look for a large storage pocket while others require a breathable material—the list goes on and on. Like many other surfcasting tools, if you ask ten anglers what they look for in a jacket you are likely to get ten (if not 11) different answers.

For quite a few years, anglers—myself included—were forced to get by with inferior products or those not designed for the harsh surf environment. I have seen fishermen working the surf with anything from a trash bag (I kid you not!) to a kayak semi-dry top to neoprene coats that were very bulky and cumbersome. I was on a mission for years to find the perfect top—that is until now.
Released in the fall of 2013, the STORMR Surf Top is the most comfortable semi-dry top on the market. The high-stretch windproof and waterproof materials, adjustable neoprene neck gasket, two-way adjustable waistband seal and internal neoprene cuff give this top exactly what it takes to stay warm and dry in wind, rain and rough surf.

Surf Top Features

  • High Stretch Materials
  • Positive Buoyancy
  • Windproof/Waterproof
  • Water Repellant Finish
  • Two-way Adjustable Hood
  • Fleece-Lined Interior
  • Adjustable Neoprene Neck Gasket
  • Glued, Blind-Stitched and Thermal Taped Seams
  • Internal Neoprene Cuffs
  • Extra Large Gear Pocket with Kangaroo Style Hand Warmer
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure Cuffs
  • Two-way Adjustable Hip and Waistband Seal

As with all of the STORMR products, the Surf Top is made with Neoprene Core Technology which was developed after three years of testing in the north Atlantic and revolutionizes outerwear design by affixing an ultra-thin neoprene core with proven outdoor fabrics in a special lamination process. Until this process was perfected, no one could produce neoprene this thin and this warm. As a result of this breakthrough, STORMR products provide superior warmth, inherent flotation and incredible flexibility. Interior moisture-wicking fleece keeps you warm while the exterior windproof, waterproof shell beads water on impact. All STORMR products are made to withstand the harshest of elements while providing comfort and maneuverability unlike most foul weather gear and the Surf Top is no exception.

Neoprene Core Technology delivers huge thermal benefits in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and waterproof shell and is lined with a soft and ultra-plush wicking interior lining. This special combination locks out the wind, cold, rain or snow while trapping a barrier of warm air around your body. The Surf Top is lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on the Surf Top are glued, blind-stitched and then coated with a thermally bonded exterior tape, making all seams not just rainproof, but 100% waterproof. The same goes for the zipper on the Surf Top which is also waterproof to keep salt spray on the outside where it belongs and not seeping into your inner layers of clothing. This construction process, although significantly more complicated and expensive than construction methods employed by common rain wear, ensures that STORMR products remain waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing precipitation, and that’s a very comforting thought.

STORMR’s Neoprene Core Technology offers a nice “bonus” benefit, since it is inherently buoyant. Although STORMR Jackets and Bibs are not USCG approved flotation devices, STORMR jackets will float without the added flotation panels commonly found in float-wear. This provides an added level of safety and warmth, since the Neoprene Core technology will function like a wetsuit in emergency full immersion situations. Combined, the STORMR Jacket and Bibs will provide nearly ten pounds of positive buoyancy. The hazards involved with marine activities are real and when the temperatures drop, one mistake can prove to be life-threatening. STORMR’s warmth, comfort, flexibility and safety features combine to provide a very unique product that expands the breadth of marine outerwear to a new level of capability.

With a retail price of around $249.95, these are not cheap tops but they are designed to outlast and outperform anything else available on the market today.


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