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April 24, 2014 10:24 am

When was STORMR Founded?

STORMR was founded in 2011 with the launch of the first Typhoon Jacket. Fall of 2012 marked the launch of a full line of STORMR products geared for the fishing markets. STORMR’s parent company, Henderson Sport Group has been a leader in neoprene and wetsuits manufacturing for the past 45 years.

What makes STORMR different than most foul weather fishing gear?

STORMR® products are an adaptation of the wetsuit for land utilizing Neoprene Core Technologytm. They provide huge thermal benefits in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and waterproof shell. They are made to withstand the harshest of elements while providing comfort and maneuverability.

STORMR products are lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on STORMR Jackets and Bibs are glued, blind-stitched and then coated with a thermally bonded exterior tape making all the seams 100% waterproof, not just rain resistant. This construction, although significantly more complicated than construction techniques employed on common outerwear, ensures that STORMR products remain waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing precipitation. 

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