STORMR Review: Typhoon

September 2, 2015 10:37 am


I have tried everything from Cabelas, Grudens, Mustang, and Guy Cotton. We fish year round in the cold and rainy seasons and have always used the 3 layer science. 3 layers Base to remove moisture from sweat, insulation layer/windproof layer(windproof fleece), and then shell layer, to battle water elements. The science is then to trap 3 layers of air in between these clothes, your body will heat the trapped air to body temp. and this is what keeps you warm in harsh climate. You would be very surprised to see the minimal amount of clothing necessary when wearing the typhoon jacket to survive in harsh climate. I have used as little as a long sleeve t-shirt to as much as a fleece in low 30’s temps with cold seas spraying down on you. This jacket has been amazing not only on the water but during many of those rainy and snowy days in the northeast.

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July 31, 2015 10:27 am


The words “weather permitting” no longer apply. Stormr has changed the way I look at the weather channel. Rain, snow, or winds have nothing on this jacket. I own the jacket and the bibs, and there is nothing on the market that compares. I have a Mustang suit, a Fribill suit and Bass Pro 100mph gear. Each one of these suits has been replaced by my Stormr suit. When your warm and dry, you can focus on what’s important… fishing!

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STORMR Review: Typhoon Jacket

March 24, 2015 11:51 am

I will start off with the negatives about this jacket. I have always had a hard time finding clothes that fit, especially jackets, I am roughly 160lbs, 2% body fat, 5’11, with a wingspan of 6’4 and about an average torso length. I saw that one review claimed that the individual had a large wingspan and the length of the sleeves fit him, sadly I did not have the same experience, I bought 2 of these jackets and both of the sleeves were about an inch to short (one was slightly less). Along with the short sleeves came a shorter torso, it was again roughly an inch or two shorter then comfortable. That being said the jacket did not look strange, it just allowed air to flow when I moved specific ways. The torso of the jacket was also huge, I mean probably 1.5x me could fit into it (a size small). That all being said this is the best jacket I have ever worn, hands down.

I have tested it by biking around in well below freezing temperatures (18 degrees) and kept it on in a home that was in the highs of 70 degrees and it felt about the same. The wide torso stores air in it and creates a barrier of comfortably warm air in it to keep you a good temperature. It is completely water/wind proof, biking in the windy rainy weather is nothing, I felt like i was sitting at home next to the fire in a t-shirt, the only times I felt a breeze was when the sleeves/torso would come up for a moment but the cold air quickly (within 5 seconds) achieved the comfortable temperature matching the air barrier already in the coat. I have sprayed it with water and it beads off quicker then you can pour it on and though I have not been in a downpour the pacific northwest has thrown some pretty rainy weather at me and it did not even phase the coat. The zippers are super heavy duty and moderately smooth and the hood is nice due to the adjustable storm hood that allows you to form it to your head. The fleece interior or extremely comfortable as well as the exterior, so much so that my girlfriend uses it as a pillow occasionally. Also it wicks away moisture quicker than you can sweat, it was the strangest feeling when I was testing it and making myself sweat, but I could not feel any sweat when I reached into it seconds later.

Overall this jacket is brilliant, I have extremely high expectations for jackets and my only complaints would be the sleeve/torso length and that it did not have Hook and Loop Closure straps on the sleeves. If you want an incredibly durable jacket that will stand up to harsh climates–look no further. I plan on buying a lot more of their products in the future and would recommend this to anyone.

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March 10, 2015 9:59 am

I like this jacket for a colder weather jacket it seems to run a little larger than the Stryker jacket so you have some extra room to throw an extra sweatshirt under it. Put it this way I wore this jacket this past February in 10-20* weather with stiff 20-30 mile per hour wind and I was the only one toasty warm while we were ice fishing in Maine!

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STORMR Jackets Review

March 9, 2015 2:54 pm

I work in the Marine industry on survey boats. I have spent $100’s if not $1000’s on foul weather gear advertised to be waterproof. They are always One or the other, maybe water proof, but surely not warm. Stormr is the first I have experienced to do both. Worth every penny. Very happy owner.

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STORMR Jackets Review

March 9, 2015 2:48 pm

I’ve used a Stormr Jacket daily for over 2 winter seasons now. No Jacket I have ever worn has performed like the Stormr. This jacket is a literal “force field” in cold, wind and rain. I’ve used it for working outdoors, in snow storms, Winter gales, grocery shopping, football games, in the rain and the sun. One of the best benefits is that I do not need multiple layers under the jacket. Just a long sleeve t-shirt of sweatshirt are plenty under this jacket. The jacket stretches when I’m working so I never feel like I’m wrapped up like that kid in the “Christmas Story”. Lots of pockets plus a handy cell phone pocket inside the chest area works great. I always sweat in the so called “breathable jackets” the lining in the Stormr Jacket does a great job of managing the moisture so I stay dry. Most importantly the jacket looks great and people are constantly asking me about it because it as it is a real stand-out.

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