STORMR Review: Swell Jacket

October 23, 2015 12:06 pm

Source: Fishing Report Now

The hoodie might be the quintessential top for fishing. Stormr’s hoodie might be the ultimate. Its benefits go far beyond any other, the company says. Some of the reasons hoodies work well for fishing are that they’re oversized, fitting over other garments, and comfortable, including warm. But the Stormr Swell Hoodie features a neoprene exterior. That sheds water and is entirely windproof, unlike the usual sweatshirt hoodie. The Swell is oversized to fit over layers and is warm, retaining body heat. The hoodie has a fleece lining. It features two large front pockets, a cinch cord around the waist and a front zip. You’re fishing. Weather’s chilly, windy. Threatening rain. The ocean is spraying. But you can concentrate on the task, because you’re comfortable.


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STORMR Review: Surf Top

October 8, 2015 10:43 am

Source: Tackle & Gear Reviews

These include gloves, a warm hat, waders or hip boots, wading boots for stocking-foot waders, spikes if you fish the rocks and a jacket of some sort. The requirements of a jacket for surfcasting are many, and each individual angler has his or her own set of must-haves that they look for. Some prefer tight gaskets on the cuffs while others are fine with a loose-fitting neoprene cuff. Others look for a large storage pocket while others require a breathable material—the list goes on and on. Like many other surfcasting tools, if you ask ten anglers what they look for in a jacket you are likely to get ten (if not 11) different answers.

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STORMR Review: Typhoon

September 2, 2015 10:37 am


I have tried everything from Cabelas, Grudens, Mustang, and Guy Cotton. We fish year round in the cold and rainy seasons and have always used the 3 layer science. 3 layers Base to remove moisture from sweat, insulation layer/windproof layer(windproof fleece), and then shell layer, to battle water elements. The science is then to trap 3 layers of air in between these clothes, your body will heat the trapped air to body temp. and this is what keeps you warm in harsh climate. You would be very surprised to see the minimal amount of clothing necessary when wearing the typhoon jacket to survive in harsh climate. I have used as little as a long sleeve t-shirt to as much as a fleece in low 30’s temps with cold seas spraying down on you. This jacket has been amazing not only on the water but during many of those rainy and snowy days in the northeast.

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