Mega Week and ICAST Highlight Mid-July!

July 21, 2014 1:40 pm

If you live above the Mason-Dixon line you’re either enjoying some of the best fishing you’ve seen in years, or you’re missing out on it! The current temperatures and moon phase is producing a feeding frenzy of both Large and Smallmouth bass. Temperatures have been moderate and slightly cooler at night. While the moon phase has fish targeting crawfish and feeding so heavily on them, you can actually see fish regurgitate them when they’re being reeled in or after they’ve been in your livewell. This is a great time to throw tubes, jigs, and soft plastic craws. You should use mixed colors like black and blue or Alabama Craw, to imitate the kind of transition that they’ve been going through since the full moon on the 13th.

Early July 2014 has been a really exciting time because the fish have been feeding very aggressively, making them easier to locate than they normally are, particularly this year with the absence of grass in the lakes that were hit hardest by the coldest winter I can remember. Rocky points, isolated rock piles, bridge pilings, and ledges are all holding big largemouth and smallmouth right now. A seven foot, medium heavy rod with a fast action reel (gear ratio of 7:3:1), 17lb fluorocarbon line, a big hook, half ounce pegged tungsten weight, rig it Texas and you’re good to go! You can fish them a few different ways: drag it, pitch it, or snap it by raising it up and down quickly in a 6-12 motion. Let the fish dictate for you how they want it. If you’re jig fishing, use a 1/2 or 3/4 ounce in either green pumpkin or black and blue.

This is also a great time to improve your ability to fish deep. Start the morning by targeting laydowns or lilypads with frogs, Sammies, or other top water baits. But as the sun comes up, leave the bank for a little bit and force yourself to target the deeper fish now while they’re feeding so well.

What else made this week so amazing? ICAST 2014 in Orlando Florida, the biggest fishing expo in the world, where some of the biggest names in the fishing industry come to display new products for the media and buyers. Not only did I get to talk about weather and fishing with my peers, but I got to meet Deadliest Catch star Wild Bill Wichrowski. The kind of weather he faces makes my worst day look like a game of tinker toys. ICAST features awards for nearly every category you can imagine, including Best Technical Apparel for rain gear. This year, the winner in that category was the new Fusion series by Stormr. Not only is this set of jacket and bibs incredibly affordable, dependable, and made in the USA, but earlier this year Stormr became the official rain gear of Weather Underground. Critics are blown away at the technology of this new suit. It will keep you dry and warm, but it’s also breathable and you won’t overheat in it. Joseph Polak of Stormr told me the whole purpose of the suit was to create something that you could wear on the boat, in the park, to work; versatility was the key. They redefined the way materials are used to fight rain and wind, and built their gear to conform to active body movements. No other rain gear is made the same, nor will it offer the same level of protection against the elements.

This wasn’t the only great piece of equipment on display. Coming soon I’ll show you how a leader in the charting and fish finding industry has introduced a way for you to access Weather Underground on their latest graph!

Me and Deadliest Catch Star Wild Bill

Me in my Fusion suit

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