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Capt. Jack Sprengel on N.Y Steel

April 23, 2014 1:20 pm

Even though I was able to sneak away for a few long distance trips this winter and this weekend marked the beginning of Rhode Islands Trout Season, I still had an itch from last fall that need to be scratched. An itch that simply couldn’t be satisfied by locally stocked trout or most other species available this time of year. Last fall team ECC’s Erich Medenbach, Lou Defusco, Brandon Lake, My Brother Kurt and I, all headed up north for what turned out to be an extremely successful trip on Chinook and Coho Salmon. But for one reason or another, not one of us got a shot at nice large Steelhead.

After several conversations with Erich regarding the anticipation of shooting one again, we decided to make a quick 2 man strike up north for a 24hr window of springtime Steely action.

Running on little Intel we saw a weather window for Wednesday and decided to make the 6+ hour drive. Besides a change of clothes, we packed a couple of light setups, about 1lb of fishing gear and easily 80lbs of camera equipment. (It’s a sickness)

Upon arrival, we noticed that the past couple days of warmer weather in the region had caused much of the snow to melt and begin to wash down into the river. In addition to dragging tons of mud and debris with it, this had caused the level of the river to rise significantly and increased the flow rate to around 1800 cfs. Not something you want to try wading in.

A little concerned but not dissuaded, we pulled up to one of our familiar parking areas, loaded up the gear and began to make the mile and half trek through 2ft of iced over soft snow. You know the type “step-slip-crunch-sink-pull your self out” Repeat. Another setback, but again anticipation won out and before long we reached the slick soft muddy banks of the river.

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