Fantasy Fishing Bassmaster Classic 2015

February 6, 2015 3:34 pm

Not sure who to pick for your Fantasy Fishing Team to kick of the B.A.S.S. season at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic?  Your’e in luck!  I asked over 2,000 people who they are picking to win, and from lucky cheese, to Cinderella Stories, here are the top picks most think have the heart to win it all at Hartwell!


Hartwell Lake



Casey Ashley

Donalds, SC



Nobody was chosen more often than the hometown boy with a history of Ws on Hartwell.


Adrian Avena, aka Jersey Boy

Casey is a local favorite with more knowledge than anyone else in the field (when it comes to Hartwell).  His understanding of Hartwell’s deep clear water will allow him to be consistent in an event that’s multiple days like The Classic.


Tyler Meadows, Weekend Angler

Casey Ashely for 3 reasons:  he had his highest finish in points on the Elite Series in 2014, including an 11th Place finish at The Classic in Birmingham last year.  He dominated there in an FLW Tour event last year.  And last but not least, he’s got poise like Tony Romo,  He’s passionate, but he doesn’t let things like losing a fish lead to a meltdown.

Writer’s note:  maybe Romo isn’t the best comparison here…just sayin.

Brian Robison, DE Minnesota Vikings/Angler

Man that’s tough.  I think there are 5 guys that might do it, but I’m leaning towards Casey Ashley.  He always does really well in his home state of South Carolina.


Jason Christie

Park Hill, Okla.




John McGoey, Goodyear/Shimano Pro

I like Jason Christie for the classic win.  He is a great cold water angler, and this will fish a lot like Grand Lake, but he won’t have the home-water pressure.  I think this will be his tournament to lose.


Nelson Poore, Angler, TV Host

I think Jason Christie may give the field a run for its money.  He’s gathered a lot of information on the lake and is looking at it from many different points of view. Looking for cold or warm water in his article, maybe some stained water. Jason has put himself in a good position at Hartwell and I’m looking for him to make the final day cut.


Joshua White, Bass Angler

Weather is going to play a big part in who I pick to win the classic. If bad weather rolls in and muddies up the lake Jason Christie will overcome and be victorious.

Michael AKA Ike Iaconelli

Pittsgrove, NJ



Matt Dolinsky, Bass Angler

Going with Ike!  I think he has renewed confidence in his ability after the Delaware win!  He’s always hungry, he’s got experience winning at this level, He’s well rounded, is great at using his electronics, and is incredibly versatile when it comes to fishing deep or shallow.  He’s at the top of my list!


Torsten Oberst (TO), Fishidy

Mike Iaconelli wins another Classic! Coming off his local win in Philly Ike comes back after a long quiet stretch in the Classic to win big with 5 huge bass on his last day!


Tim Swartz, Angler

Personally I like Mike Iaconelli as he is a knowledgeable angler who can figure out a working pattern in a hurry and is never out of contention. Have met Ike and he is a great guy, I hope he runs away with it all on Lake Hartwell.


Aaron Martens

Leeds, Ala.




Joshua White, Bass Angler

Weather is going to play a big part in who I pick to win the classic. If the weather stays clear Aaron Martins will inch out in front of the rest.


Chris Rhoden, Bass Angler

Aaron Martens. It’s been a cold winter, Hartwell is a highland reservoir with clear water, and it will likely fish tough. Martens is one of the best in a grind, and if the fish are deep there are few that can equal his ability to finesse deep fish.

Jacob Powroznik

Port Haywood, VA



Coy Greathouse, Fantasy Fishing 

Coming off of a two win season on two very different bodies of water AND a ROY title, Jacob is poised for a top finish at Lake Hartwell. He’s proven to be a top contender on just about any water he decides to float on!


Chris Murphy, Writer for Bass East/Tournament Angler

Powroznik…it plays to his strengths, he’s got a lot of momentum, and he has had success at Hartwell in the past.  I think he continues to build off of his great season in 2014 and starts off strong.  Plus I know he had a SICK practice!


Jacob Wheeler

Indianapolis, Ind.




Kevin Bryant, Fantasy Fishing

One of the most mentally calm fisherman on the scene today, Jacob thrives on the big stage! He’s already won the BFL All-American, FLW Cup and BASSfest, and he’s not even 25! Watch out for this young gun, he could flat out smash the 2015 Classic!


Austin Pinder, Fantasy Fishing

He’s way to good to be young as he is. If he keeps it up he’ll be up at the top with KVD and Andy Morgan soon.


Jonathon Carter, B.A.S.S. Opens 

I know Jacob had good scouting trips.  He’s definitely one to watch!



Justin Lucas

Guntersville, Ala




Will Dieffenbauch, Bass Angler, Self Proclaimed Fantasy Fishing Champion

That’s a tough question. I’m trying to match the patterns I think will win, with the anglers that are known for those patterns. It’s hard to find someone that is good at all of them.  I think a mop jig and a soft swimbait will be the biggest players.  Justin Lucas could be a good pick for the swimbait bite. I won our Dobyns league in both BASS and FLW fantasy fishing last year, maybe this will help y’all out!


Alissa Adkins, aka #biskit911

Although Justin comes from a state known for its surfing; this now Alabamian is making his name known on the B.A.S.S. circuit in the Bassmaster Classic as he states he prepares daily to be mentally tough & adjusts his attitude with catching bass in mind. This is one of his best tips for landing lunkers. 


Brandon Palaniuk

Hayden, Idaho



Joseph Vella, Bass Angler

Brandon Palaniuk did not have a bad season in 2014 and judging from all four of his Classic appearances, he has the best drive and focus to win it. If its not this year, it’s just a matter of time until he snags it.


Michael Barone, Guide, Big Show Waterfowlers

BP has come so close so many times.  He skipped the first open in Florida, and I think that allowed him to stay focused on the big prize for February.  If it’s a deep water tournament, look out.


Brandon Gray

Bullock, NC



Michael Chlomoudis, Bass Angler

Brandon Gray will be one to watch. He is an expert crankbait fisherman and with the harsh winter the fish may be a little late in hitting the bank. With fish holding on points and off the ledges on steeper banks this tournament could fall right into his wheelhouse.


Gary Hancock, Bass Angler

Michael, you are right about Brandon Gray being an excellent crankbait fisherman. He came to Lake DeGray and did well to win his qualifying spot for the Classic. The weather was tough (very cold and damp) during the event but he stayed with it and won on a very tough lake. He has the potential to prevail on Hartwell


Paul Mueller

Naugatuck, Conn.




Gary Dobyns, THE Gary Dobyns

I like an underdog here. We have a bunch of these going (Dobyns guys)……I’d wager a small amount on Paul Mueller as well. He fished strong last year and I think he’ll fish strong again. He has an edge over our other guys because he’s been there and won’t have the butterflies in his stomach as much as others. Paul is also a deeper water fisherman and this will help him a lot!


Justin Brouillard, Bass Angler

Who better to pick than a Dobyns guy and someone with the momentum and attitude that Paul has right now. Coming off his second B.A.S.S. Federation Nation National Championship, he just accepted his invite to fish the upcoming Elites and looks to be rolling! He has some great new sponsors and I foresee another run at the title just like at Gunnersville!


Kate Dattilo, Bass Angler

Of course I’m rooting for Connecticut’s own!  


Andrew Young

Mound, Minn.

Casey Martin, Keystone Light Pro
Andy Young.  He is a great guy and a heck of an angler up in Minnesota.  He is a long shot but has been prepracticing and it would make a great story if he were to win!

Chris Lane

Guntersville, Alabama

Jimmy Kennedy, Cabot Pro
I’m going with Chris Lane because he can win anywhere, anytime, and he’s proven that over and over again.  I don’t wanna give away any of his secrets but he’s been known to carry that lucky Cabot Cheese in his boat and he’ll have it onboard here as well!
Writer’s note:  Lucky cheese?!?  I need some of that!

Gerald Swindle

Warrior, Ala
Hunter Shryock, Spider Wire Stud!
I think G-Man could definitely show out this year. At a place that can be a tough fishery, the guy can catch 5 good ones on 5 different rods!
There you have it!  Myself?  I’m a little shocked that Tharp skated under the radar like he did.  I wouldn’t want to count him out.  So I’m going with him.
By Jim Root
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